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Shipbuilding & Engineering

Shin Yang UAE’s recently established shipbuilding arm is closely supported by over 30 years of experience and skills from Shin Yang Shipbuilding in Malaysia. Shin Yang UAE Yard is situated in the RAK Free Trade Zone and has adequate facilities with three 40-metre wide bays of lengths between 120 and 145 metres. As a new shipyard all facilities are modern and customized to suit the right types and sizes that will suit the Gulf Region market. With the close support for know-how and skills from our parent shipbuilding arm in Malaysia, we offer building a range of vessels such as:-

•    Barges of up to 140 metres long and up to 35 metres wide
•    Ro-Ro type Landing Craft,
•    Offshore Service Vessels (OSVs),
•    Dive maintenance vessels,
•    Multi-purpose supply vessels
•    Utility vessels
•    Crew Boats
•    Work Boats
•    Pilot Boats
•    Platform Supply Vessels
•    Anchor Handling Tug and Supply vessels (AHTSs)

Shin Yang UAE joins a group of few elite shipbuilding companies in the United Arab Emirates to offer custom made vessels based on established designs already built in Shin Yang Malaysia or capable of undertaking specific design required by clients. We enjoy the privilege of the synergy of being able to build locally in UAE together with total support from our parent shipbuilding company in Malaysia.

Ship Repair

Shin Yang UAE has a fully equipped ship repair and maintenance facility to satisfy all the maintenance requirements of Tugs, Barges and a wide range of smaller vessels up to 50 metres length. We have our own dry-docking facility comprising three bays, each 40 metres wide, and ranging in lengths from 120 to 145 metres. The vast docking areas with complementary facilities provides for safe, efficient, speedy and professional service.  To ensure the best and professional service, Shin Yang has a full suite of fully certified and skilled trades persons to support the professional management group.

We offer repair service to external clients whilst utilizing our repair facilities to fully service our fleet in-house.