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Shin Yang UAE is involved in the Operation and Management of its own fleet of Tugs and Barges and is eager and keen to provide its customers with the most reliable, professional, cost effective and progressive service.


Shin Yang UAE is fully committed to providing quality services to the customers in terms of quality, health, safety, security and environmental protection .The Company shall achieve sustainable Business growth while meeting or exceeding the requirements and best working practices of the Industry. Our target is to remain committed to Zero Incidents including Zero Environmental Incidents.



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  1. Provide Quality, reliable and innovative services that will meet our customers’ needs, requirements and expectations in a cost-effective manner.
  2. Provide highest quality service in all aspects of Vessel management and vessel operations, ensure a low-risk environment and ensure commercial decisions never override safety.
  3. Provide a secure working atmosphere by working towards Zero accidents with safeguards for protecting people, property and our management operations against risk of injury, loss or damage.
  4. Identify and reduce the risk of pollution from any of its activities, products or services which will then be either eliminated or controlled.
  5. Provide and maintain a safe place of work by ensuring "zero alcohol and illicit drugs" policy on board and on shore.
  6. Ensure employees are properly qualified and trained to undertake their responsibilities.