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Shin Yang UAE Overview

Shin Yang UAE is based in Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates. We own and operate an extensive fleet of over 70 Tugs and Barges in the Middle East region for the transportation of bulk material such as Rocks, Aggregates, Coal and similar minerals in bulk, and also finished goods such as pipes, rolled sheets, equipment, machinery etc. Our major prominence in this market segment is through our efficient and effective operation cost-effectively and on time.

Currently we have major subcontracts for transporting millions of tonnes of bulk material with prominent companies in the Gulf region, with past track record of transportating more than 15 million tonnes of Rock Material for Marine Construction companies for artificial Islands Construction, Port Construction and Breakwaters Construction over the last 3 years to Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq and other emirates in the UAE.


In the Tug and Barge leasing Division, we offer different types of leasing contracts. We can transport cargo on a weight per tonne basis, lump sum voyage shipment or we can lease our vessels on time charter basis. The ideal size of our fleet provides the flexibility to handle large volumes with our wide range of appropriately sized low draft flat bottom barges together with ideally matched sizes of Tugs to maintain the most economical, speedy and efficient transportation.



We pride ourselves in being a one-stop shop in terms of all clients’ needs for goods transportation in bulk, ship leasing and chartering and offering building new vessels. Very recently, in December 2013, we have gained a contract to charter a fleet of vessels for a major long-term transportation of bulk material in the Gulf Region for the next 2 years.

The Shin Yang Group, with its parent company Shin Yang Shipping Corporation in Malaysia, has a strong shipbuilding background having built over 500 vessels of different types, sizes and complexities. With this strong support Shin Yang UAE’s ship building Division is able to undertake the design, build and delivery all types of vessels to satisfy the Gulf Region market.


Our Ship Repair and Maintenance Division is also equipped with three 40 metre slipways ranging in lengths from 120 to 145 metres. With a robust Planned Maintenance System capability, it allows trouble-free running of our own fleet and can extend similar services to other vessels in the Region.