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Mission and Vision

Short Term Goal

Our short-term strategic goal for the next three years is to continue steady growth at a pre-determined pace. A part of this growth would be to expand in a structured manner our goodwill and business relationship with our clients, locally and internationally while assuring our current clients that we will meet their every expectation and satisfaction.  We will continue our sincere commitment towards our employees and their well-being and maintain the good relationship. We will give them every opportunity to build up their skills and groom themselves to take on additional responsibilities to help the company and grow with it. We are committed to not seeking external financial assistance in the short term of three years as we have planned a balanced budget while ensuring growth.  We believe this goal is achievable through our planned, steady and focused effort.



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Vison & Mission


Our Commitment

Achieve 100% customer satisfaction and goodwill.

Recruit high calibre employees and professionals who are capable of providing quality services.

  1. Continue company growth and expansion;
  2. Create constant business throughout the year;
  3. Establish contracts with major clients or companies in our area, while not losing sight of smaller clients;
  4. Continue to develop our shipyard ship repair and maintenance areas;
  5. Develop strategic alliances with well-known companies;
  6. Operate a highly successful shipping company that provides professional services and solutions to clients;
  7. Develop a robust team of business consulting professionals to work with all types of marine works including the oil & gas industry;
  8. Make our presence known and develop internationally and locally through our company websites.




Shin Yang mission is to:

  1. To operate a Modern Shipping Industry & Integrated shipbuilding base benchmarked for Excellence in providing comprehensive, innovative and efficient Quality services.
  2. Be adaptable to changes to retain sustained success and be steadfast in its commitments to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment values.
  3. Committed to achieving Quality Assurance Management through quality planning, quality Improvement and quality Control.
  4. To develop an integrated and proactive Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Management System, with full consciousness to preserve  the Environment, health and safety of its Employees, Surrounding Community and Customers.

Our guiding principles are to be visionary, promote client independence, expand strategic thinking and understanding, collaborate with others to bring synergy, enhance our own competence and act as a unified organization.



Shin Yang UAE’s vision is to be a high quality owner and operator of a fleet of mid-sized Tugs and Barges while at the same time to become a premier shipbuilder, Integrated Structural Fabricator and Logistics service provider in the Gulf Region.